An excerpt from the chapter on ROBIN GECHT from the book . . .

The Serial Killer Letters: A Penetrating Look Inside the Minds of Murderers

A letter from ROBIN GECHT to Jennifer Furio

Dear Jenny,


Hope my letter finds you & your family well.


Receved your letter. When firist receving it, I thought to myself, how nice for someone to take the time to be concerned. Until I read it & realized it not to be the case here.


I sat here thinking to myself. Where would she get so badly misinformed to write with judgement? After a few minutes it dawned on me. Your reading the book Deadly Thrills [by Jaye Slade Fletcher]. THAT woman should write for Steven King. I'm so sorry you've wasted your money. But if you enjoy fantsy. You got it!!! "News flash"! The book was wrote to sell! However you don't know me only what you have read. So please don't judge before you have facts, not fiction as you've gotton!


I have enclosed a legal Court Petition. It is a request by me 4 years ago requesting D.N.A. testing. Please note what I was charged with. Only!! Not going to tell you I'm an angel. But I can tell you if I was guilty of murder or of what [Fletcher says in Deadly Thrills]. Question? Would I request for D.N.A. testing? Would be pretty stupid on my part if so. Read up on D.N.A. then think on my question.


I can't tell you why some choose to kill woman. I love & have alot of respect for them & life itself. Your right to believe as you wish. As I said, know me before judgement. My conviction is based on one persons word. Nothing more.

I'm sorry if I disappoint you here but I'm not going to write you just to defend myself. If you've made up your mind I'm guilty as charged or more so, as your reading, then I'd rather not get into being friends or penpals. I'm not going to add to fansity of others.


I do hold a lot of remorse for all that suffer needless & for my children & what this system put us all through the past 15 years. But faith in God above keeps me fighting. I'll have the last say. Anger? DAMN Right. There wrong. Would you be mad??


As for woman. I love woman & I hold a lot of respect for them. However you wouldn't know that would you? You read otherwise. Take it as truth. I do respect them. I too one day would like to know why, most are threated as they are. But not by me.


I don't enjoy letters or phone calls filed with judgements that says "What a Monster"! I'm long from the fanisty that woman cop [Fletcher] choose to write about. Nothing she wrote is based on Court records or family. Thank you for your letter however. I would of typed this but, recovering from a mild heart attack on 5-15 & was to tired to dig the typewriter out.


If you choose to write back, I'd enjoy it. But no judgement. Unless your 100% possitive I'm guilty of all stated. You might be shocked to see your wrong here.


I've never been charged with murder nor ever asked about it. & my out date now is at 2002. In 96 2 charges were dropped. DEVIATE SEXUAL ASSAULT & KIDNIPPING. Shock YA?


Sincerely your's




P.S. Sorry so messy. Was really rushing to get this out to you. Was a little upset. I'll get over it. I'm sure you ment well. I wasn't going to answer but felt you needed truth. Enough misjudgements & hate in the world without addin to it.