Self-Help: Concepts and Applications

Edited by AH Katz, DSW, et al., with a Foreword by C Everett Koop, MD

This book, a compendium of essays written by top professionals in health care, and a foreword written by former Surgeon General , C. Everett Koop. MD, asserts that healing and recovery of all kinds (from physical and emotional problems) can be greatly augmented with self-help and encourages health care professionals to participate in the movement. The book covers theoretical and conceptual issues regarding the development of the self-help movement, discusses practical issues in establishing groups and presents invaluable insight that can only be gained by case studies. The analyses of how existing support groups operate provide an extremely useful and practical view of the methods, practices and problems involved in self-help.



“This book dispels the myth that the self-help movement is nothing more than a passing fad. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop introduces this collection which delves into the philosophy, development, and activities of self-help groups. Written by some of the top professionals in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work, etc., these papers advocate the concept that conventional medicine in conjunction with the emotional and spiritual support self-help groups offer provides the highest quality healthcare at the lowest cost. The book is divided into two distinct sections, "Self-Help Concepts" and "Self-Help Applications." The first half explores the reasons why self-help groups are effective, and their impact and relationships with other care providers. The second half offers case studies ranging from those dealing with well-known afflictions (i.e., AIDS) to those of less publicized but just as grave conditions (i.e., Sjogren's Syndrome). This is a very important work, which all area reference libraries, academic libraries, and medical libraries should acquire.
— Library Journal
“The most comprehensive and current reference in print on the U.S self-help movement. The education of medical, nursing, psychology, social work and human services students would be greatly enhanced by reading this book.”
— Choice

Softcover. 336 pages. ISBN-10: 0-914783-56-4. ISBN-13: 978-0-914783-56-5. List Price: $28.95