Questions and Answers About Murder

David Lester, PhD

"Highly informative! This book is fascinating and Lester’s definitive and easy-to-understand answers are indeed enlightening." Mostly Murder
At last, a practical reference with easy-to-access information on how, why and in what circumstances one person takes the life of another. David Lester, world-renowned authority on murder (and suicide), answers the questions most often asked of him as well as specific questions about particularly important issues concerning murder and murderers. Together, these answers provide a broad overview of what is currently known about this ubiquitous crime and those who commit it.

Recently elected President of the American Association of Suicidology, Dr. Lester, who has studied suicide for nearly 50 years and is the recipient of the Dublin Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement from the American Association of Suicidology, has deservedly achieved worldwide recognition as one of the leading authorities on suicide. Past president of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and currently Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Suicide in Blackwood, New Jersey, Dr. Lester is the author of more than 1500 articles and 60 books

Softcover. 192 pages. ISBN 0-914783-46-7. List Price: $16.95