Respite Care: Programs, Problems and Solutions


Written by an impressive array of 32 esteemed contributors from a wide array of disciplines (including nursing, medicine, social work, psychiatry and psychology), this ground-breaking book examines and discusses how respite care — i.e., the periodic relief for caregivers from the enormous burden of their caregiving responsibilities — offers a practical, realistic and financially feasible plan for helping those who care for the chronically ill and the elderly. The book presents relevant research and programmatic information on models of community-based and institutional care, practice concepts, program implementation, caregiver concerns and more.
Required reading for all professionals involved in caring for the elderly, the chronically ill and terminal patients. It will also have a wide appeal to all primary and auxiliary caregivers of spouses, relatives or friends with chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, cancer and stroke.
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