Parenting Without Punishment: Making Problem Behavior Work For You


Author: John Maag, PhD

In his groundbreaking book, Dr. Maag explains that the problem with punishment is that it simply doesn’t work; it is always contingent on a child’s bad behavior, it is based on principles of negative reinforcement and it is always reactive. In its place, Dr. Maag suggests that parents try his method — a proactive approach that focuses on emphasizing and encouraging a child’s good behavior rather than trying to decrease bad behavior. In addition, Dr. Maag suggests using such bad behavior as a focal point for determining which behaviors need to be changed. Dr. Maag’s system is neither radical nor far-fetched; to the contrary, it is based on traditional applied behavior analysis techniques, it is completely sensible and effective.

Step-by-step directions, practical examples, fill-in charts and questionnaires show parents how to effectively manage a wide range of problem behaviors in their children, from minor problems to depression and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Filling a long-standing need, Parenting Without Punishment will help parents and teachers promote responsible, independent, creative and secure future adults.



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