Healing the Pain of Pet Loss: Letters in Memoriam


Editor: Kymberly Smith
This very special book is a collection of letters that were sent to author Kymberly Smith after she lost her beloved cat. Because she could find little reading material to help her deal with her grief, she decided to make a nationwide request in two magazines for people to send her their experiences of losing a pet. The hundreds of letters she received offer the kind of advice, understanding and support that only people who have been there can give. They were so valuable to Kymberly in her healing process that she had to share them. The stories address loss by euthanasia, disappearance, illness, accidents and old age. A helping resource unlike any other, this book serves the same purpose as a self-help group. By learning how others reacted to and dealt with a similar loss, readers will be able to learn about what works and what does not in response to the loss of an animal friend.
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