Perspectives on Death and Dying:

Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Views


Edited by Arthur Berger, Rev. Paul Badham, Austin Kutscher, Joyce Berger, Ven. Michael Perry, John Beloff


A collaborative effort by the Institute for the Study of Death and the Foundation of Thanatology, this book brings together the ideas and experience of a distinguished group of 23 scholars involved in the study of death, dying and other death-related subjects.
These renowned contributors include anthropologists, psychologists, theologians, philosophers, sociologists, scholars of comparative religion, social workers, and parapsychologists. Their work reflects the views of many societies and cultures, including those of Islam, Africa, India, China, Japan, and the West.
The diverse perspectives offered provide readers with an uniquely insightful understanding of death. Not only an excellent source of information on how different religions and cultures view death, dying and afterlife, this book offers readers information that may help them develop a sustaining personal framework for coping with and understanding dying, death and what happens afterward.


Mythological Aspects of Death and Dying
African Perspectives on Death and Dying
Death and the Afterlife in African Culture
Islamic Perspectives on Death and Dying
The Concept of Death and the Afterlife in Islam
The Good Death: Approaches to Death, Dying, and Bereavement Among British Hindus
The Hindu Concept of Death
Upanishadic Eschatology: The Other Side of Death
Conquering Death
Rebirth and Afterlife in Buddhism
Chinese Perspectives on Death and Dying
Death in the Maya Cosmos
The Ethics of Certain death: Suicide, Execution, and Euthanasia
Do We Have a Right to die?
Voluntary Active Euthanasia: An Individuals Right to Determine the Time and Manner of Death
Yungian Psychology and the Nature of Death
Problems Raised by the Concept of the Survival of Personality After Death
Does Religion Need Immortality?
The Ars Moriendi and Breaking the Conspiracy Silence
A Postmodern Mythology of Death
People and the Paranormal
The Near Death Experience: Cross Cultural and Multi-disciplinary Dimensions

Softcover. 270 pages. ISBN-10: 0-914783-27-0. ISBN-13: 978-0-914783-27-5. List Price: $32.95