Interested in Publishing With Us?

Learn How to Submit Your Query and Proposal

We are always interested in reviewing queries and proposals for new books. Before sending us a proposal, it is important to consider if Charles Press Publishers is the right place for your book. Currently, we are especially interested in instructive health-related books—whether physical or psychological health—for professionals, clinicians, students, educators and the general reader.

We do not publish fiction, poetry, humor, personal accounts or children's books.

Some of the subjects that we are currently interested in are:

Health (mental and physical health)


Complementary and alternative medicine, naturopathic medicine


Nutrition, food and diet, cooking

Animal science, veterinary medicine, pets, companion animals



Health sciences

Behavioral sciences






Aging, eldercare (exercise, nutrition, and physical and mental well-being)

Gerontology, geriatrics 

Criminology, criminal justice & forensic science


We accept unsolicited submissions. We will gladly consider simultaneous submissions, obviously at the query stage, but if we request a full proposal, we ask that you let us know at the outset that it is a simultaneous submission and that you promptly inform us if and when another publisher has made an offer or has accepted the work for publication.


So that we can determine if your proposed book project fits our current publishing needs, please first send us a brief query letter that explains what the book is about, why it is worth publishing, who the market is and why you are the author to write it.
Consider including the following components in your query letter:

  • Concise but specific description of the project
  • Primary target audiences and potential markets (be specific)
  • Your qualifications for writing the book (include your CV or resume and publishing history, if any)
  • Brief review of the main competing titles and description of their strengths and weaknesses relative to your book
  • Actual or anticipated length of the manuscript
  • Availability of the complete manuscript or its likely completion date

Sending your query letter by email:

Email to, but please do not send your submission as an attached file or include other attached files; instead paste the text into the email

Sending your query letter by mail:

The Charles Press, Publishers
Attn: Acquisitions
230 N. 21st Street, #312
Philadelphia, PA 19103


If, after reviewing your query, we think your project may be appropriate for our list, we may request a detailed proposal and all or part of the manuscript for review.

The detailed book proposal should expand more fully on the brief information provided in your query letter. Please note that we do not accept e-mailed proposals or manuscripts; all proposals must be sent via regular mail. Try to keep your proposal under 20 pages (not including sample chapters) and include the following components:

1. Title Page: The date of submission; title of your book; author’s name, address, e-mail address and phone number; and the actual or anticipated length of your manuscript.

2. Overview of the Book: Describe your proposed project, its main focus and the subjects it covers, its approach and your purpose and goals in writing it. Explain why you have a marketable and practical idea and why you are the person to write it and promote it.

3. Outline of the Book: Provide an annotated table of contents or a bulleted list fully describing each chapter.

4. Sample Chapters: Include at least three chapters that you think best represent the basic idea of your book, its qualities, distinctive features and your writing skills. If illustrations, art, photographs, graphs, charts, etc. are an integral component of the work, please provide some sample photocopies.

5. Author Information: Include all pertinent background information that supports your role as author of the book. What experience, background or other qualifications do you bring to the project? Include a list of your prior publications, if any, and your vita or resume.

6. Markets: Who is your target audience? Be very specific. Explain why they will want or need to read your book. Is there a secondary audience? In addition to the target audience, you may want to consider other markets that may be interested in buying your book, e.g., particular types of retailers, organizations, institutions or businesses.

7. Competition: Pick at least three of the top competing works (listing title, author, publication year, publisher, page count and price) and include a brief discussion of the relevant similarities and differences and major strengths and weakness relative to your book. If you believe there are no existing books that are direct competitors, please include books of a similar nature.

8. Schedule: When do you expect to have the first draft completed? When do you expect to be able to deliver the complete and final manuscript? Be realistic!

9. Format for printed submissions: Print on 8.5" x 11" paper. The text should be 12-point type, double-spaced and with at least one-inch margins. Please be sure to number each page consecutively.

10. We regret that submitted hard-copy material will not be returned. If we decide your proposal is not appropriate for us, we will shred it.

Allow up to 6 weeks for the review of a query letter, up to 8 weeks for review of a proposal and 10 to 14 weeks for review of a partial or complete manuscript. Every effort will be made to expedite this process and to give each project our fullest attention, but due to the large number of submissions we receive, delays sometimes happen. If you have a question about the status of your submission, please do not call; e-mail us instead.


To make sure we review your submission, please send it via email or snail mail. Please do NOT fax; if you do, we will not be able to look at it. 

Please note that if you email your submission, do not send your submission as an attached file or include any other attached files; instead, please paste your text into the body of the email.

To send via regular mail:

The Charles Press Publishers
Attn: Acquisitions
230 N. 21st Street, Suite 312
Philadelphia, PA 19103