Longevity Therapy: An Innovative Approach to Nursing Home Care for the Elderly

Bobbie R. Graubarth-Szyller Julianna D. Padgett BCSW and Jules Weiss

"This book helps reconfirm our belief that being old does not mean people have to stop being active and happy.... A refreshing framework to use when working with the elderly."  
— American Journal of Occupational Therapy


This book proposes a new, innovative plan for enhancing the lives of the elderly based on the authors’ strong belief that old age can be a time of growth, vitality and contentment, rather than a period of decline and wasting.
The book emphasizes that nursing home care must meet the emotional needs of residents and provide an environment for learning, living and growth. The authors outline practical, step-by-step methods for making nursing homes serve as centers for living, not dying.
Longevity Therapy is not only for the professional staff at nursing homes. Nurses, social workers, activity directors, administrators and aides in geriatric care centers will find the material adaptable to their programs. Also, those who provide home health care can utilize the principles and practices described in the book when working with their clients.


Softcover. 76 pages. ISBN 0-914783-30-0. List Price: $24.95