The Dying and the Bereaved Teenager

Edited by John Morgan, PhD

Death is a fact of life that, of course, all of us must confront at one time or another, but learning to deal with it is not an easy task for anyone, regardless of age. It can be an especially difficult experience for young people. Sadly, the pain of loss, the death or suicide of a loved one or friend have become common events in the lives of today's teenagers. Specifically, the recent rash of school murders by teenagers and the continued high rate of teenage suicide have left many adolescents frightened, troubled, confused — and in need of assistance.


In an attempt to help young people deal with these all-too-common events, The Dying and the Bereaved Teenager provides practical and thoughtful guidance, making it a most highly regarded resource by psychologists, teachers, school administrators and counselors.

Some of the Chapters Included:


Guidelines for Dealing with Traumatic Events in the School Community


The Funeral Director and the Grieving Child


Working with Bereaved Teenagers


The Impact on Adolescents when a Sibling is Dying


The Impact of Major Life Transitions on Adolescent Development


The Role of the Professional in an Adolescent Support Group for Those with Cancer


Teen Suicide: Sources, Signals and Prevention


Suicide Postvention in the School System: A Model


Softcover. 176 pages. ISBN-10: 0-914783-44-0. ISBN-13: 978-0-914783-44-2. List Price: $19.95